Tag cloud playground

Random colors

Shortcode: [utcw color=random show_title_text=0]

Set of colors

Shortcode: [utcw color=set color_set="#fff,#000,#bada55,#ccc" show_title_text=0]

Post count

Shortcode: [utcw show_post_count=1 show_title_text=0]

Title with custom template

Shortcode: [utcw title_type=custom title_custom_template="The term %s has %d posts" show_title_text=0]

Creation time selection strategy

Shortcode: [utcw strategy=creation show_title_text=0]

Post term filter with filter added to the links

Shortcode: [utcw post_term=151 post_term_query_var=1 show_title_text=0]

Inclusion with display type list

Shortcode: [utcw display=list tags_list_type=include tags_list=81,82 show_title_text=0]

Tag sizes with em as unit

Shortcode: [utcw size_from=1em size_to=4em show_title_text=0]

Title markup

Hello world

Shortcode: [utcw title="Hello world" before_title="<h3>" after_title="</h3>"]

Zero post terms

Shortcode: [utcw minimum=0 strategy=creation show_title_text=0 tags_list=207 tags_list_type=include]

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